My goal as a teacher is to provide students with the tools needed to be a complete musician. I encourage students to think critically, develop problem solving skills and to find their musical voice by learning to execute their own ideas to the fullest. Areas of emphasis include phrasing, tone color, effective practice strategies and the healthy use of body movement in the development of breath control and technique. By holding students to high standards and offering a supportive learning environment, I strive to provide the best learning experience possible.

Lessons include the use of finger and tone exercises, etudes, solo repertoire and duets. By isolating skill sets through practicing exercises, students not only hone specific abilities but have the opportunity to make connections between concepts. Etudes give students the chance to practice phrasing scenarios, fine-tune technical puzzles, increase embouchure flexibility and execute musical ideas. All of these skills directly transfer to learning and performing solo repertoire, as well as being able to collaborate with other musicians in either small or large ensembles.

I believe that the best educators teach each student how to become their own instructor. The study of music is a lifelong process and I aspire to guide my students to develop the tools necessary in order to problem solve, make informed decisions and to always reach for the next step in their flutistic development. Through actively creating and learning, they are able to effectively communicate ideas, images and stories through music.

Everyone can learn to play the flute! Currently, I am accepting new flute students in Boston, Brookline and surrounding communities who would like private in-home lessons. I welcome all students from beginning through advanced students, ages 8 through adult. Contact me to get started!